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Publications & Prices.

This page links you to a list of our publications and prices for educational institutions in Adobe Acrobat format.

Click on the links below.

ESL Price List (Adobe Acrobat)

Spanish FL Price List (Adobe Acrobat)

Bilingual Spanish Native languages Arts/Resources Price List (Adobe Acrobat)

Greek & Latin Price List (Adobe Acrobat)

MEGA FLASH Price List (Adobe Acrobat)

Dictionaries Price List (Adobe Acrobat)

Teacher Materials, Reference & Resources Price List (Adobe Acrobat)

NYC Dept. of Ed. Schools Price List (Adobe Acrobat)

If these links do not provide you with the information you desired, or you need further information, please contact us by email at

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Promoting Academic Success for ESL Students -- Understanding Second Language Acquisition for School.
ISBN 1-883514-00-2

Multiple Intelligences1

Multiple Intelligences -- Howard Gardner and New Methods in College Teaching.
ISBN 978-1-883514-07-5

The Study of Language1

The Study of Language -- Third Edition - Thoroughly revised and updated.
ISBN 978-0521-5432-00

Issues in Language Learning1

Issues in Gender, Lenguage Learning and Classroom Pedagogy.
ISBN 1-88-3514-05-3